17th Battalion Bugle Band





The Following men deployed with the 17th battalion to France on the 8th November 1915


8180 L/Cpl Alfred Drake Hooley killed in action 1st July at Montauban

8254 Drummer Edgar Norrisbottom-later served as 155070 Machine Gun Corp

8352 Drummer Robert Woolford-killed in action 1st July at Montauban

8948 Drummer William Waine-discharged to Class Z 2nd March 1919

8456 Drummer Alfred Blackburn-discharged Class Z 26th February 1919

9081 Drummer William Price- 219174 Labour Corp- discharged 6th December 1917

8479 Drummer John Coase-discharged to Class Z 4th March 1919

8316 Drummer Arthur Viner-discharged to Class Z 19th February 1919

8905 Drummer George Taylor-discharged to Class Z 26th February 1919

8625 Drummer Ernest Hiley-discharged to Class Z 21st May 1919

8352 Drummer Joseph Wood-discharged to Class Z (As a WO2) 2ndApril 1919

8200 Drummer Albert Jones-discharged to Class Z 13th April 1919

9078 Drummer Albert Rothwell-Killed in action  2nd July 1916 at Montauban

9077 Drummer Pollitt E- Later served as 860618 3/3 London Regiment

8521 Drummer Alfred Dunscombe- deployed 7th September 1915 with 13th Manchesters.

8307 Drummer Edward Thorniley-Later served as 41424 East Lancs Regiment.

85500 Drummer Benjamin George Froggatt- Renumbered as 24217

8949 Drummer Harry Waldron-Died of wounds 1st July 1916 at Montauban

8253 Drummer James Henry Nixon-Killed in action 8th May 1918

8771 Drummer Thomas Needham-Died of wounds 21st October 1916

8711 Drummer Laurie Douglas-later served with Royal Flying Corp, Royal defence Corp and Royal Air Force.

8478 Drummer Thomas H Clarke-discharged to Class Z 2nd March 1919

9085 Drummer William H Sowerbutts-later served as 21429 Army Pay Corps.

Did not deploy or incorrectly recorded

8893 Drummer John Shore-transferred to Labour Corp as 214249-did not serve overseas

8210 Drummer Knight- Could possibly be 8206 Andrew Knight

9075 Drummer Barratt A- no record

8620 Drummer Owens E- no record

9481 Drummer Thomas E- no record

9084 Drummer McCormick- no record

Officers and Senior N.C.O’s

Acting Lieutenant Colonel John James Whitehead-Awarded the DSO

Lieutenant Robert Forbes Mansergh-Awarded the Military Cross

Regimental Sergeant Major Henry Coates- Awarded the Military Cross.


Seated next to Regimental Sergeant Major Coates, first Man right on the second row is 8180 Lance Corporal Alfred Drake Hooley.

Before the war, Alfred had worked at Barlow, Jones Ltd Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers of Portland Street Manchester.

At some point, Lance Corporal Hooley, Drummer, became Private Hooley and died in the assault on the village of Montauban on the 1st July aged 27.


Private Hooley has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme.


He was the Son of John and Hannah Hooley of 39 Berlin Road, Edgeley Stockport.


Also on the photo are :-


Drummer 9078 Albert Rothwell aged 21

The son of Lillian and the late Peter Rothwell of 59 Gibson St, Ardwick. His brother Arthur, lived at 176 Stockport Road, Levenshulme and both worked in the milk business. His other brother, William, was killed with the 19th battalion on 23rd july 1916.

Private 8352 Robert Woolford, D. company
He lived at 47 Birch Street, Hulme. The son of John and Eunice.
aged 20.

Private 8949 Frederick Harry Waldron [known as harry]
81 Rippingham Road, Withington, aged 19
His mother Alice worked at Baxendales & Co., his brother Edward served with 16th battalion, survived the war without a scratch, his other brother, Benson, served with the 18th battalion. After being wounded, he was given a commission in the 19th battalion and killed in action in 1917


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