Casualty list for men injured in the heavy fighting on the 1st and 10th July at Montauban and Trones Wood.



The men listed below were wounded to various degrees of severity and evacuated  down the line for treatment. The less serious cases were treated and patched up at the Field Ambulances and returned to the Battalion. Some were sent further back to the Casualty Clearing stations and then on to the Base Hospitals. Those that could not be treated there, were evacuated, on the Hospital Ships and returned to the U.K for treatment. Many were to badly injured to return to France and were medically discharged as no longer fit for Military service. Wherever possible, the Men were given medical treatment, a period of convalescence and the posted to the depot Battalions for re-drafting back to the front.  



8827 Harold Rogers, Margaret St West Gorton
9926 John Scott, Frederick St Chadderton
8891 George Sedgley[bomber],575 Gorton Rd Reddish
8286 Albert Shaw, Booth St Gorton
8579 Robert Sidebotham, Dinwoodie St Collyhurst
8897 Rudolph Slight, Grange Ave Werneth.
9306 Walter Smith, Palmerson St Moss Side.
9151 William Stock, Cheetham St Levenshulme
8290 Albert Streat, Elm Rd Heaton chapel
8289 Reginald Streat, Elm Rd ,Heaton chapel
8307 Edward Thorniley,93 Welcombe St Hulme

9192 John Thornton, Rowsley St Beswick
8913 William, A Tomkinson, Thornley Lane Reddish.
8316 Arthur Viner, Link St Longsight

8966 Joseph Walker, Walnut St, Hulme.
8333 Albert Wheeldon, St Ann St Ardwick
8320 Frank Williams, Brook St Chorlton on medlock
9961 Thomas Wilson, Urban Rd Brooklands
8340 Harold Withington, Washway Rd Brooklands
8934 Edwin Wolstencroft, Blunt Lane Chadderton.
8935 Francis Noel Worthington, Hereford Cottage School Rd Sale.
8955 Leslie W Wright, Parsonage Rd Heaton moor
8096 James Cleland, Gibson Rd Sale[later killed on 31-7-17]
8196 Charles Johnson, West Rd Bowdon
8689 George Kelley, 61 Park Lane Whitefield
8696 James King, Hayden St Harpurhey.
8706 Joseph Leach, 42 Garden St Ardwick.
8222 George B Lee, 40 Farley St Miles Platting

9080 Frederick Lindsay, Alder Lane Parbold
8758 A Maffia, Griffiths Buildings Regent st Salford
8748 George Henry, Moore Dale st Hulme
8750 Henry Moss, White St Hulme
8255 Albert Newton, Akid St Ardwick
8254 Edgar Norrisbottom, Erskine St Hulme
8256 Alfred Edgar Nuttall, Wilton St Whitefield.
9912 Reginald H Payne, Glebelands Rd Ashton on Mersey
8796 Horace Pearson, Heaton St Heaton Park.
9911 Frederick Plant, Bluestone Rd Moston.
8806 Frank Power, Browning St Salford

8836 C. Richardson, Greenhill St Greenheys.
9888 Herbert, Louis Mckay, 26 Great Southern St Moss Side.
9517 George Mace, 32 Paynter St Fenton, Staffordshire
8229 Frederick Matthews, 25 Lyndhurst Rd, Stretford.
8238 Frank Mottram, Manchester
8246 James Newman, Manchester

8259 James O’Hara ,Salford
8264 Walter J,H Phillips, Manchester
9013 James Oliphant, Daisy Bank Rd Longsight
9196 Edward Stanley,9 Cornbrook St Old Trafford
8108 James Blair, Napier St ,Ancoats
8069 Reginald Frank Brereton,89 Catterick Rd Didsbury.
8048 Thomas Archer, 425 Gorton Rd Reddish.
9415 Albert Archer, 425 Gorton Rd Reddish.
8579 Charles Gough, Manchester
8619 Edward Norman Ham, Clevedon, Somerset.
9185 Samuel Hamer, Stalybridge[later killed on 23-4-17]
8184 Frank Hanby, Gorton
8631 Leonard W Harrison, Manchester
9269 Frederick Hatton, Manchester
8162 Norman Headon Meriden, Urmston.
8655 Harry Hirst, Manchester.
8612 Raymond, A Horan, Manchester
8659 John Howarth, Mount Pleasant Walmersley Bury
9311 Albert Hurst, Ashton.
9525 Henry Ingham, Hollinwood.
8697 Frederick J Kay, Accrington
8698 John T Kay, Harpurhey

9121 Thomas Ankers, 2 Paddock St Ardwick
8064 Arthur, James Bailey, Church St, Newton Heath.
9165 Alfred A Bayley, Townley St, Bradford, Manchester.
9175 Fred Bayley, Station Cottages, Mobberley.
9382 Richard Black, Rhodes St, Miles Platting.
8456 Alfred Blackburn, [stretcher bearer/drummer] 36 Grosvenor St Newton Heath
9256 Albert Broster, Birmingham
8086 Thomas, Gardiner, Brown, Gorton.
8095 R.W Chapman, Lonsdale St, Stretford.
8102 Oswald Clough, Moreton St Stretford
8112 George C Clubb, Chorley.
8502 A.E Cox, Manchester.
8119 Herbert, Francis Davany, 29 Fairlawn St Moss Side.
8017 John W Evans, Wigan

8139 Ernest Farrington, 9 stocks St Flixton
9123 John, Thomas Fenton, Sandall St Miles Platting
8560 Stanley S Ferguson, Ash St, Harpurhey.
9212 P.P Fleming, Bond St, Higher Broughton.
8149 Arthur German, Rochdale Rd, Manchester.
8627 Ernest Hancock, Corporation St, Levenshulme
8608 Fred Hobson, West St, Stalybridge.
8226 R. Lowe, Birch Vale.
9385 William Rycroft, Manchester.
9306 Walter E Smith, Palmerston St Moss Side.
8987 Cecil Wallace, Waygood.

8202 Robert Kerr, 5 Denstone Rd, Irlam o Th Heights
8002 Thomas h Allen, 13 Carroll Grove, Levenshulme
9288 Arthur Baker, Kimberley St Stockport

8751 Alexander MacDonald, Albert Rd Withington
9063 Arthur Wrightson ,Torbay Rd Chorlton cum Hardy
8143 Joseph Forsyth[signaller],Barmouth St ,Bradford, Manchester
8525 William Demain,73 Hyde Grove ,Chorlton on Medlock
8748 George H Moore,3 Fenwick St Moss Side
8604 Frank Hoyle,93 church st, Farnworth
8852 George Royle
8543 Norman Entwistle
8850 Fergus Ronald,125 oxford St Stretford
8228 David C Lowe
8988 Edward Whitehead
8978 Richard Dolben Williams, 46 Wilbraham Rd ,Chorlton cum Hardy
8065 James Beswick,77 Princess Rd ,Moss Side

8055 Allan Arthur Bell, 6 Warrener St, Sale.