3rd Battalion

The Manchester Regiment 1758 - 1958

The Third and Fourth Battalions


Boer War

The Regiment formed 3rd and 4th battalions for the Boer War period , these were short lived and the history can be be viewed from the battalion history from this link

The Serjeants Mess,4th Battalion Manchester Regiment

3rd and 4th battalions in the Boer War

In 1914 the battalions were raised again as:-

3rd (Reserve) & 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalions

On the 4th August 1914 they were raised in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Later in Aug. 1914 the Battalions were moved the to Humber Defences.

In October 1914 the 3rd Battalion moved to Cleethorpes and the 4th Battalion moved to Riby.

The two Battalions remained on the Lincolnshire coast in Humber Garrison until the end of the War. 3rd Battalion at Cleethorpes & 4th Battalion at Riby, Tetney & Grimsby. (Humber Garrison).